Let’s Begin…..

Alright, now that you know who I am or a little bit about me, it’s time for us to dig in! Hold on tight because even at the beginning it can be a bit crazy sounding!

We moved in to this house on West Cherry when I was around 2 years old almost 3. To the east on Stanley drive, from the west side of the street we had, Maquettes, Randals, Oschlegar, Hudleston, No clue, The Twins, Officer Crutcher, Potters. East side of the street we had Price, Sprout, Gretchen, The art teacher, No Clue, Rinkenberger, Dorans, and I don’t know for the last two or three houses on that side. But all the important people are really listed for this one.

To the front, we had blue house which is how we told people to find our home which usually failed, but anyways Prtichard. The next house was and old crazy man, I can’t think of his name, but he put up a 6 foot privacy fence for his million dogs, then built them a high rise dog house so they could see over it. (insert eye roll with a what the fuck face) Anyways, next to that house with the high rise dog house was Fosdick’s, then Friant, and on the corner it was Rohlfs. Other names that I may mention in this crazy life of mine would be…… Rich, McCullough, Mowery, Hetherington, Molina, Williams, Kaleigh, Hack, and I am sure there are a few other’s, but just a heads up, following my life, and making a map of it you may need a pen and paper, or just start the FBI style boards! Like I said it’s a hell of a journey and quite crazy for me to even talk about without people going….HUH?

Welcome to the neighborhood of excitement, fun, crazy, tragedy, happiness, and romance because well let’s face it romance is apart of life correct?

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