Hi yall! My name is Billi Jo, I was born on September 2nd 1984 which makes me 35 at the time I am writing this! Hi!

My family originated in Kentucky, and migrated to central Illinois. I was born and raised in a small town that since has grown. Fairbury, IL is where I call home and the place that begin to shape me into who I am today. Fairbury is well known for their dirt race track, Dave’s Supermarket as well, and our Casey’s store just received an award for Customer’s Favorite I think.

I grew up as an only child, my parent’s lost a child three years prior to my birth, her name is Danielle Marie, and even though I never got to actually meet her, I am very close to her. Yes I am that weirdo that is very spiritual and loves astrology, ghosts and all that weird stuff that freaks out many. But hey we all don’t want to be normal right cause normal is boooooring.

Upon birth I was living in the trailer court just on the east side of town, we had a two bedroom two bath trailer. My dad was working full time along with being in charge of the trailer court keep up and such else at the time. We found out when I was very young around 15 months old that I was a severe asthmatic with crazy allergies. (insert big eye roll) However I am so used to it at this point in my life, and the symptoms I don’t do to terrible. I still hate it don’t get me wrong! My mom used to work at the glove factory in Pontiac, IL which is about 20 minutes north westish of Fairbury. Once I was born she became a stay at home mom pretty quickly. I don’t remember much from my trailer court years as I was very little when we had found a dream house to move to.

We moved accross town to West Cherry Street to this crazy little house that was hidden because it sat directly behind another house, and the driveway went in between two houses. To the east was a little dead in street called Stanley Drive, to the west was a country road called Jackson, which once the field was sold became fancy homes. I grew up though with the country setting to the west as we had a bean or corn field yearly until I was a teen I think. To the North though was a rich subdivision called Circle Drive, but it was past the cow pasture that was just north of our kitchen window. See two houses down lived the Fosdick family, and they had cows every year until the cows kept getting loose upon load up when it was time to get butchered.

We had a huge yard, Like literally two full lots is what my house set upon. We had a old wooden pole barn styled shed to the west of the house and a small yard in between. My parent’s did spoil the hell out of me, but they also taught me right from wrong and how to appreciate what I had. I learned respect, courtesy, and so much from them and their old farm style teaching ways. I’ve always seen myself as the black sheep of the family because I am a bit rebellious, but I’m still down to earth.

Well this is where my story began, I hope you enjoyed the details and could picture what it looked like! I will be adding more description upon time here, so enjoy and hopefully you will enjoy what made me, and who I am!